It is important that the attorneys you work with not only understand the legal issues you face, but are also involved within your community and passionate about the business, arts, talent, and technology you provide.

Attorneys in Miller Law Associates, APC’s Entertainment and Intellectual Property group have both the experience and passion to offer cutting-edge services to individuals and companies within a wide variety of areas and sectors. Our attorneys have years of entertainment and intellectual property litigation experience, and have negotiated and resolved disputes both in and out of the court room.

Representative Cases

  • Favorably resolved over fifty copyright infringement disputes/litigations on behalf of America’s oldest performing rights organization and its members both in and out of the courtroom.
  • Representing client in preparing and filling formal Objections to competitor’s copyright application infringing on client’s business name
  • Preparing pre-litigation cease and desist demands in anticipation of filing enforcement copyright infringement lawsuit
  • Represent client in multimillion dollar litigation involving alleged improper use of former company trade secrets

Recent Press

Article reporting on Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal hearing on copyright infringement case filed by Miller Law Associates, APC on behalf of American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, along with Sony, Universal Music Group and other copyright holders, opposing infringer’s argument that proof of “substantial similarity” of live performances to artists’ copyrighted work is required in public performance rights cases. Read Full Article

Copyright and Trademark Protection, Enforcement and Litigation

Today’s advanced technology has made it abundantly easy to not only create original copyrighted works, but also to unlawfully copy and distribute them. More than ever, businesses need experienced litigators on their side to aggressively protect and enforce their copyrights. Attorneys in Miller Law Associates, APC Intellectual Property and Entertainment group have years of experience in obtaining copyright protection for their clients’ original works and, when needed, enforcing the clients’ copyrights against infringers.

Music, Film, Television, and New Media: The Crossroads of Creative Innovation

Southern California’s business community is at the forefront of intersecting technology with entertainment. We at Miller Law Associates, APC understand and keep up with these changes, and assist talent, artists, and new media innovators with all of their business needs. Our practice blends a strong work ethic with a mix of cultures and traditions to provide a new spin on traditional entertainment dealings. We understand artists and innovators, and provide them with the tools necessary to understand our legal world.

Contracts & Deal Making: Music, Talent, Producer, Writer, and Directors

Often viewed as the most sticky and part of the entertainment business, our attorneys genuinely understand and enjoy the nuances of negotiations and transactions. We review, interpret, and clarify documents and agreements for clients in order to provide them with the security to know they are making the right commitments.

Here at Miller Law Associates, APC we take the time to discuss our clients’ long term goals, offer advice, and draft and negotiate agreements in innovative ways that provide you with the best results. We also offer “business affairs” services to companies and independents that do not have their own in-house counsel. Typical industry contracts include Management Agreements, Talent / Director / Producer Agreements, Rights and Clearances, Band Member Agreements, Major Label Deals including 360 Ventures, Merchandising, Recording / Master License Agreements, Digital Distribution, Mobile Phone, and Digital Rights Agreements, and Royalty Audits.

Licensing Agreements

Our attorneys come from a variety of legal and business backgrounds and take pride in helping our clients develop strategies to build, utilize, and thrive off their brand value through licensing agreements without compromising their innovations and creative honor. Whether it be in music, new media, film, television, videogame, or global branding we set out to provide worth, without compromising your works’ integrity.

Trade Secrets

In today’s fluid economy, it has become increasingly important for businesses to protect their trade secrets from competitors. Attorneys in Miller Law Associates, APC Entertainment and Intellectual Property group not only strive to understand their clients’ businesses, but also the markets in which these businesses operate. This gives our attorneys a unique advantage in protecting and enforcing their clients’ trade secrets in today’s competitive market.

Trade Associations/Groups

When individuals and businesses join a trade association, they expect the association to actively protect their rights. Miller Law Associates, APC attorneys have extensive experience in representing trade associations and groups in protecting and enforcing theirs members’ intellectual property rights. Our attorneys not only understand what these associations expect from their attorneys, but also what these associations’ members expect from them. With this broad picture in mind, Miller Law Associates, APC attorneys strive to provide the type of representation to trade associations and groups that best serve and benefit their members.